Fully Funding Our Schools

Every year thousands of students miss out on opportunities to have the best possible education simply because of the disparities in state education funding. This year, Minnesota has a $653 million dollar Special Education underfunding problem, which is projected to reach $806 million by 2021. Rather than increasing already regressive property taxes for residents, Minnesota’s largest corporations must be required to their fair share of taxes. I will oppose any efforts to eliminate property taxes for businesses, while supporting increased taxes for Minnesota’s most wealthy, as a way to fund our schools.


Prioritizing Affordable Housing

There are more than 7,000 children in Minnesota on any given day. Homelessness has particularly adverse effects on children and youth including hunger, missed educational opportunities, poor physical and mental health. Community leaders, elected officials, nonprofits, and progressive-minded developers must come together to find new and innovative solutions to the affordability shortage, to promote integration in our neighborhoods, and ensure there’s enough housing for the city’s growing population. If elected, I will partner with Homes for All on their legislative agenda.


Expanding Full Service Community Schools

Full-service Community Schools is an improvement model based on integrating academics, health and social services, youth and community development and community engagement. The model supports student achievement, attendance, student engagement, graduation rates, and parent involvement. Schools become centers of the community and are designed to meet the needs of the whole child, regardless of race, culture, language, gender, or sexuality. If elected, I will support stable and increased funding for the expansion of Full Service Community Schools.


Improving Transportation

We need a comprehensive transportation bill for roads, bridges, bicycling, and walking that will strengthen and expand Minnesota's transportation system for the 21st Century. The bill must increase funding to improve bus shelters and security, and reduce the transit time penalty for black, Latino and Native American residents who are more likely depend on mass transit.


Making Progress on Criminal Justice Reform

We must end the school to prison pipeline and mass incarceration. Minnesota can fund restorative practices to promote healthy school climates and reduce the discipline disparities in our schools. Additionally, investing in education and livable wages is more effective than incarceration at reducing crime.


Expanding Environmental Protections

Lead is especially toxic for children, affecting learning, growth and behavior. I will seek investments to remove lead from Minneapolis schools drinking water to ensure the safety of our students and staff.


$15 Now for All

I will author a statewide $15 minimum wage bill to provide economic opportunity for women and workers of color who disportionately fill low wage jobs.


Legalizing Marijuana

I will support the full legalization of marijuana to create jobs, and increase tax revenue for public education and social services.


Dignity and Menstrual Equity

Regardless of income, all people who people who menstruate should be able to manage their periods with dignity. Safe Products should be freely available in schools, workplaces, shelters, and correctional facilities.


Statewide ID for All Residents

I will co-author the Driver’s Licenses for All bill that will remove citizenship requirements for Minnesota Identification issuance.